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Have you received good services lately? Have you been treated badly while expecting courtesy?

This is the site for you. This service is FREE and independent, empowering you to get results: How often

have you intended to complain about something but never got around to it? Well now you can easily and

effectively. You can rant, fuss, complain, compliment or just simply express yourself on this site.

You can read about other people issues and concerns. You can read how others are complimented as well.

What you may not do is use profanity or vulgarity. We will not post your comments. This site is updated

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and process on our policy page on how to post on our site. read sample complains and sample

compliments. Add your own experience as well. You may complain, express concern or compliment a

politician, teachers, county officials, state workers, media houses, lawyers, debt collectors, mortgage

companies and just about any organization and about any serious concerns. Individual to individual rants

will not be tolerated here. Valid complain, genuine compliments only. Click Here to learn more about us!!

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