This site is made available to individuals and organizations who at one point or the other felt helpless about situations that should have been helped if there is someone to listen. Owners of Complaincompliment .com intended this site as a forum by which you can either complain or compliment an act, service, product and deeds that went beyond the ordinary. Please enjoy your visit to our site. You may sign the guest book to tell us your compliments or complain about the site. We are open to criticism and welcome your suggested changes.


Our policy is fair and simple. All founded complains will be posted on our site. Our promise to both parties is that we will likewise immediately (within 72 hours) publish how the matter was resolved. Complains will not be founded if the complainer has not made any effort to contact the service provider. If you have difficulties in contacting an organization, please use, the contact page to locate phone numbers and contact person. Thereafter, we will direct you through information provided on our site on how to contact them. If your three attempts failed within a reasonable time (21) days, we will post your complains on our site.

All transactions will be via e-mails and a visit to our site. This site will not give out your telephone number to anyone without your permission. However, we have to have your phone number in other to help you pursue resolving the complaint


This site does not intend to nor will it offer a legal advice. None of our current staff is a legal practitioner. Please contact your legal advisor (lawyer) if you feel your complain is legal in nature. Our sole aim is to resolve matters that can be reasonable resolve between two parties without the usual cost of legal procedure. We cannot and we would not advise you either to go to court or not to go to court. All decisions are yours and yours only. However, we will give your complain or compliment the best publicity it deserve.

There is nothing represented on this site whether written, pictured, illustrated, inferred, deduced, assumed or intended to make any legal representation.


There is no cost to most of our services. If we are able to help publish your complain or even your compliments, you owe it to us to tell 50 or more people to visit our site at the least to see what we have. If you are just impressed by what we do, simply tell five or more people about our site. The more traffic we build, the more interest those companies and advertisers will have in us. Companies would want us to help them bridge the communication between them and those customers who usually do not complain but immediately tell their friends about poor services they received. Most companies that are proud of their customer satisfaction will like to advertise with us since we will have such a huge number of visitors who either want to read about complains or compliments. If you want us to speak on your behalf other than the regular visit to our site and filling out necessary forms, please e-mail Someone will contact you and explain the average cost of our extra services.









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