Many complain that resulted in loss of patrons and repeat customers are due to inability of consumer to communicate with management people. Consumer wants immediate result or within reasonable time. If you want to know about all the hit and misses of your company Top to Bottom, please subscribe to our site and we will provide a direct link from our site entries directly to you via your link you provided. Telephone numbers do not help most of the time because companies do not have individual who can answer the phone. Emotions from both ends may prevent a proper understanding between the caller and the individual who answer the call if the message was ever responded to. Sites such as this will enable the individual to write about the situation and a better assurance that they will receive a response since there is documentation via e-mail. This site will charge $30.00 per month to link consumer directly to your designated officers. Two links will be $40 and three or more will be $50.00 per month. The following officers that apply to your company are suggested:

      Public Relation Officer

      Communication Officer

      Hearing Officer

      Complaint Officer


      General Manager

      Chief Executive Officer

What to do:

      Set up an e-mail within your company internet. The e-mail will only be accessible to the individual who have the password. You may provide a second e-mail that can be forwarded to another officer who may respond on your behalf if you not available.


To have us include your link, please contact us by clicking here

Your responsibility

      It is your responsibility to respond to your clients, consumers or general public in a way that will reflect positively on your organization. Your immediate response will be appreciated since customers will know you take there concerns seriously.

Our responsibility

      If a concern or complain is not responded to within a reasonable time (three weeks maximum), we owe it to our visitors to post such concerns/complain on our site. If the complain was linked to you via our site, we will try to contact you to find out if you working on it.

      All matters that are resolved positively, will be posted on our site both at the complain page and the compliment page. We hope such positive publicity will bring you more friendly consumers and clients. If you do not want such positive posted, you will need to send us a directive not to post and a few lines of why not.  



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